Important Equations

Unless you have a pretty strong math background, once you start learning a little more about quantum mechanics it’s easy to start feeling quite overwhelmed.  If you’ve studied much math there’s probably two words I can say to give you nightmares.  “Differential equations” can be quite complex and difficult to solve simply because what you are trying to solve for is a derivative rather than a simple number.  Add to that the fact that often in physics, and especially quantum physics we have partial differential equations and it doesn’t take long for our heads to start spinning.

While we won’t go deeply into math and I’ll try to avoid it as much as possible, you have to understand that much of quantum mechanics is theory at this point, and that theory is based in math.  There are lots of experiments that verify much of this, and we’ve already talked about a few.  I’ll try to keep the focus on these and other experiments so we can look at real world examples, but occasionally we’ll have to speak of some things from the perspective of the maths involved.  To do that you’re going to need at least a slight understanding of some basics.

Like many other things the more you understand the basics the easier it is to understand as it gets more complex.

So let’s take a look at a video I made to help explain a couple of fundamentals.  A lot of times not understanding difficult equations is as much about not understanding the notations as anything, so I’ll along with explaining a couple of fundamental equations I’ll also explain what some common symbols you might be seeing mean as well.

That really wasn’t so bad was it?

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